Passion News | May 2017

May 1, 2017


Shop Talk 

Hey guys, I’m really excited to be presenting the first ever Passion Board Shop Newsletter. Every month I’ll be bringing you news about upcoming events, our shop, riders, brands we love, and so much more. I hope you find it interesting, informative, and a fun read. If you want even more awesomeness, find us on Instagram, or stop in the Shop for a chat. Thank you for all the love and support!

Spitting Fire

What a lame name for a story about a brand that is anything but lame. Spitfire Wheels, a company that started in 1987 has been a leader in the skate world since. When it comes to wheels there is no comparison. Spitfire has been, to steal a slogan from them, keeping the underground lit. How exactly? By remaining an innovator in the skate world. Their Formula Four wheels are unmatched by any other. Between the long lasting speed, never having to worry about flat spots, and buttery smooth ride it’s no wonder why so many choose Spitfire wheels. Plus the wheels are made right here in the USA. It’s a high performance wheel that lives up to the high standards of a company that is respected both in the skate community and out. But Spitfire isn’t just a one trick skater, besides wheels the brand also has bearings, tools, stickers, a line of clothing, and more. All of which you can get your hands on at Passion Board Shop... Just saying. : )


You probably have heard about it. You’ve probably already watched it and made up your own mind about it, but here’s my review on it. It was AWESOME. How could it not be when it was in the hands of John Ewald, the video’s main filmer and editor. The premier was held at the Micon Downtown Cinema and to say that it was packed would be a huge understatement. So many people wanted to come and see the film that we ended up having to have two showings, theater management was shocked, and people who were there for a different event ended up wandering in to see what was going on. Besides all the chaos, two riders Tommy and Denver, both skaters, were announced as the newest members to the Passion roster and we couldn’t be happier. The two along with Adam, Zach, Brandon, Neil, Dane, Ryan, Casey, Zona, Taylor, and Chris make up the list of skaters featured in Jinkies! Get your copy now if you haven’t already!

Rider of the Month


Kirstin Johnson

Age: 27

What do I ride: Well, I don’t


Why then would I be in charge of writing a skateboarding newsletter? What gives me the right to call myself “Rider of the Month” ? What am I even doing here? Well, angry mob, let me explain. I have been adopted into this world. My husband and I have been together since we were 14 and he had been skating long before that. So although I’m not a rider I have a love for this lifestyle and the community that surrounds it. Also let me just be clear, in no way am I calling myself rider of the month, that’s just the name of the column. The main reason I am doing this article on myself is that I want you to get to know the person behind this newsletter. I’m really dedicated to giving you something that is a quick and fun read but also informative. So although I can’t speak from experience, I take the time to research what I’m talking about, I listen to all the riders around me, and I’m always striving to learn more. Ok on to some fun stuff about me.

  • Favorite Color- Green

  • Favorite Trick- No complys

  • Weird food combo I like- Chocolate and Cheese

  • Favorite number- 9 but I also like 3

  • Least favorite number- 6, gross

  • Hobbies- I sew. I like making costumes. I also like other craft projects, and I Pinterest enough it should be counted as a hobby.

Alright that’s probably enough about me. I really hope you enjoyed the first edition of Passion News, I had a lot of fun writing it!

May Events

  • May 13th - Morning Skate session @ Lakeshore Park

  • May 14th - Mother’s Day

  • May 29th - Memorial Day

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