Passion News | June 2017

June 1, 2017

Hi From the Editor

 June is here! Go Skate Day is near! Get used to it!

Glassy Eyed


Imagine a beautiful summer day. It’s warm, there’s a light breeze, you’re throwing down some of the best tricks at the greatest spot in town. Then it happens. You're about to land the greatest trick to have ever been done, but you’re blinded, you can’t see your board, all sense of reality is gone. All you can feel is the world crashing down around you followed by the cold unforgiving pavement. As you pick yourself up, your buddy asks what happened, you mutter something about the sun getting in your eyes and as a deep feeling of regret washes over you, you say “ I should have been wearing my Glassy Sunhaters.” So maybe that’s a little dramatic, but honestly if you’re not wearing a pair of Glassy’s you might as well not even bother with sunglasses at all. Glassy Sunhaters, or should I say the best damn sunglasses on both sides of the Mississippi, were founded in 2012 by Mikemo Capaldi and his brother Vince. Glassy gained its cool points in the boarding worlds and rapidly grew into a globally respected brand. According to statistics (that I made up), These sunglasses provide superior sun-stopping power and up your cool factor by 20%. Ok so I have no evidence but from their awesome team of skaters (Paul Rodriguez, Daewon Song, Jaws, to name a few), numerous design options, and top quality materials and craftsmanship, it’s probably a true statement. You don't have to take my word for it though. Stop by Passion Board Shop or and buy a pair. See for yourself.


Rider of the Month


Tommy Adams

Age: 22

Board of choice: 8.25 Krooked, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire wheels


Tommy Adams. The name does not at all sound intimidating, but the man, is also not intimidating. In fact when you first meet him you think “that nose.” Just kidding of course, but I wondered if Tommy was as fun and easy going as he seemed to be? I chatted with him to find out more about Passion’s “nosiest” rider. He credits Rocket Power and the Tony Hawk games as being what first drew him to skateboarding. Pushing around on a board at the age of seven or eight wanting to be as cool as the characters on his tv. It wasn’t until he was fourteen, and a friend showed him how to ollie that he really got into skating. During my chat with Tommy I found out a lot of new things about him. Things like his favorite trick, hard flips, his favorite color green and that if he could have a super power it would be flying. One of the more surprising bits however was that his sister is his biggest influence. “ I just never grew out of the little brother wanting to be like big sister thing” he says. Although his sister didn’t get him into skating she did get him into his other hobby of backpacking. Turned out that Tommy really is as fun and easy going as he seemed. I think that his parting comment to me says all that really needs to be said about the man… “I feel like I should have some smart ass comment to make but I can't think of one.”


June Events

  • June 10 - Rice Lake Contest

  • June 18 - Father’s day

  • June 21 - Go Skate Day

  • June 24 - Janesville contest

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