Passion News | July 2017

July 1, 2017

Hi From the Editor

Welcome to the July issue.

Tasty Tasty

It started in much the same way things like this always start, a late night conversation between friends. No I’m not talking about some twisted murder pact! I’m talking about a skateboard company. Delish to be exact. To describe them is fairly simple, a special kind of ordinary. What I mean by that is this, when you first look at the clothing and boards you’ll probably think “huh that’s kinda cool”. It doesn’t blind you with flashiness. It’s not so in your face you feel you have to be one of the cool kids to wear it. It’s not so intimidating that a newcomer would be self conscious about hopping on one of the boards and learning to push. It’s a bunch of homies hanging out and having great time. It’s ordinary and that’s what makes it special. Of course ordinary in no way means boring. The first thing I said when I saw the new cactus design on the pink tee was “I want that, can you [my husband] get one for me!” And now I have one. (You can too if you go to, and order one tee hee) The designs are just plain fun. In a very strange way the designs remind me of what skateboarding is all about. Having fun, being free, and just living. I know it sounds sappy but once you strip away all the fluff, you realize that all you need is a comfy tee, a well worn board, and the courage to look at a flight of concrete stairs and think “I'm going to jump off that.” Which ok I know that maybe that’s a lot to take away from a shirt that says “Don’t be a prick” on it but you see my point. Delish is doing something right, and if I can leave you with just one impression of what Delish is it would be this. It’s a skater owned company that remembers what it feels like to step on a board for the first time and fall in love, it knows that with the willingness to get hurt and some hard work you can land anything, and it remembers that sometimes all you want to do is make art, have fun, be a little crazy and skate. Now that shit Delish. 


Rider Of the Month


Zach Pater

Stance: Regular

Age: 22


I can’t recall ever actually meeting Zach, one day he was just there. I can’t tell you how he became part of the team, or what made him fall in love with skateboarding, or anything really because the video I had of the interview with him had no sound when I went to play it back. It had zero sound, none, it’s just twelve minutes of Zach blushing and laughing and soundlessly giving me all the answers I wish I had so that I could write an article about him. Then I realized that infuriatingly silent video, and the bits I remember were all I needed. Watching a few minutes of the video showed me that Zach keeps cool under pressure. I didn’t interview him one on one, the whole passion family was sitting there listening to Zach answer his questions. But Zach didn’t falter, he answered every question I had for him, he laughed and joked while doing it too. Zach is a recent graduate from University of Wisconsin-Stout and earned his degree in graphic design. He is incredibly talented both in graphic design and in skateboarding. I’ve really only watched Zach skate a few times and it was just causal flat ground stuff in front of my house, but everything he did seemed to come very naturally to him. You can also tell from his 1.21 Gigawatts and Jinkies! video parts how much talent he possesses. One of the other things I learned about Zach was that his family is a very important part of his life. His Dad is his biggest influence and the person he turns to when he needs advice about anything. There is so much more that could be said about Zach, but I’m not writing a biography about the guy so if you want to know more about him, ask him. Go outside and connect face to face with people, come down to the shop and chat with us, skate and dance and fall in love and do all the great things in life that there is to do. And remember theses famous words from Zach,


"Eat ass, it’s not that bad…"

Raffle Winners


Through the month of June Passion Board Shop along with Lunchbox put together a fun little raffle for all the kids that had earned A’s on there report cards. For every student that turned in a report card and for each A they had, a raffle ticket went in to a drawing for a complete skateboard. Three winners were drawn on the first and those winners were:

  • Sean Davidson

  • Sam Poli

  • Jon Mason

Congrats to the winners and great job to all those who earned A’s!

July Events

  • July 4 - Independence Day

  • July 15 - 360 Drop In Contest

  • July 30 - Menomonie Skate Contest

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