Passion News | August 2017

August 1, 2017

Hello From the Editor 

Hey everybody, August is here. Which means summer is leaving and school is coming. But don’t cry about it. We have lots of fun still to come. Hope you enjoy the newsletter!

Back to School Promo

Starting August 1st and running through the 31st, Passion Board Shop will be running a special back to school promo. For every $50 you spend you will receive a $10 gift certificate or for every $100 you’ll receive $25. Gift Certificates will be redeemable starting September 1st and won't expire.

Rider of the Month


Dane Neville

Age: 22

Board of Choice: Welcome, Indy Trucks, Spitfire Formula Fours Wheels, and Bones Bearings.


Dane is a very curious person. It’s hard to get a handle on who he is. Not surprising, he did say that if he could have any super power it would be shape-shifting. So I wondered to myself if a quick little interview would be enough to get to know who Dane Neville is. I started with the basic questions. How long have you been skating, nine years, favorite trick, switch blunt, and favorite movie as a kid, Wizard of Oz. but I seemed to get a glimpse at the real Dane when I asked what first drew him to skateboarding? He enjoyed the unstructured nature, endless possibilities and freedom, and to this day, hasn't found a physical activity that he enjoys more. Just when I thought he may be opening up some, he stopped. I pressed on, asking him what some of his favorites were, like month, October, number, the Fibonacci sequence, and food, rice. I could tell, however, that I was only getting to know the surface. I perhaps got one more look at the real Dane when I asked how he became the first shop rider. He is a big believer in community based businesses, so [he] was really excited when the shop opened. He became more involved with the shop and when we were ready to create our team, Dane was a clear first choice. I may not have gotten to know the real Dane, but I really wasn't expecting to from such a short interview. I do know that there is far more to him than just being an Aquarius and constant jokester. Maybe one day I’ll be lucky enough to know what that is.

Contests, contests, contests


This Summer has seen it’s share of contests, and there are still more to come. From the quick Game of Skate that was held in Phoenix Park, to the all day event that was the Menomonie Showdown, each contest showcases some of the the Chippewa Valley’s best talents. Being a part of these contests has really showed me just how large the skateboard community really is. It’s an amazing group of people, ranging from first time contestants to the seasoned skater, and all the people who come out to show their support. The contests are so much more than just about who wins, they are about bringing people together. They are about showing everybody what you can do when you work really hard at something, and they’re about getting people to stop and listen to what you have to say. The contests, to many, may seem like a one day thing, but something I think people forget is that they give us a voice. They are a way to get people who wouldn’t normally care about skateboarding to come see what it’s all about. Hopefully showing that skateboarding is a worthwhile and something that should be looked at with pride. This is powerful, if more and more people start seeing skateboarding as an investment, then we will get more parks built, and we will be able to better the ones we have. So remember, every contest is important but every contest is also really fun.

Tips for School


I know that I usually dedicate an article to a brand of the month but I was a little behind on my newsletter this time around, so I thought maybe I would throw in something different. This will be completely unrelated to skateboarding, but does go along with the whole back to school thing. So here it goes… Some useful tips for Back to School

  • Everyone has been saying it for years but seriously, eat breakfast. Being full will help you focus during class.

  • Download the app PhotoMath! You take a picture of your math problem and it shows you the steps to solve it.

  • Buy your back to school clothes and gear from Passion. It will help with your confidence and when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you get better grades in school! ;)

August Events

  • August 1st - Back to School Promo starts.

  • August 13th - Chippewa Skateboard Contest.

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