Passion News | October 2017

October 1, 2017

Hello from Me. 

First I must apologize for not having a newsletter last month. I had started a new job, our Daughter was starting school and we were wrapping up the last of the contests and summer activities. So it was a bit busy and stressful. However, we’re back for an exciting new issue. It’s October! My favorite month of the year. So it’s only fitting that I talk about some of my favorite things. Chris being one of them, is featured as this month’s rider, and of course Halloween will be a topic. So as always I hope you enjoy the read! 


Rider of the Month

The one and only Chris Johnson



So, I actually wanted to write about Chris in the very first newsletter, but ended up writing about myself so that you all could get to know me. I thought alright second newsletter, which Chris decided it would be better to write about someone else. So the months passed, I wrote about other people, and didn’t think much of it. Until now.  In my favorite month of the year I’m going to write about my favorite person! Chris’ history with Skateboarding started in the very same way that so many skaters start. He knew a cool kid that could skate and wanted to be cool too. Chris first started skating when he was only 10 years old. That’s 17 years of skating under his beer bottle opening belt, and he’s not giving up any time soon. Of course this hobby, no, discipline has grown into a Passion. ( See what I did there) Chris had the dream of opening a skate shop since he was 14 years old. This is no joke. We were already dating way back when and I remember him talking about it. This dream became reality, April of 2014, and has been living on since. Chris is so much more than just a skater/ business owner/ unofficial godfather of the EC skate community. He is also a awesome husband, and amazing father of two. An avid anime watcher and Harry Potter super fan. Also a certified scuba diver, motorcycle rider and world traveler. So all in all a super interesting guy. I'm not just saying that cause he’s my husband. I could go on and on and on about the man I know outside of the skateboarding world, but this isn’t some mushy love letter (gross). This is about skaters and skater stuff (yeah! Hardcore!) ANYWAYS… Two of the most defining personality traits about Chris is his ambition and determination. These shine through in many different areas of his life. Not just business wise, but also skating. His favorite trick is a manual. Why? Because “You either get them or you don't it’s never luck.” I kind of feel like this would be his motto, in business and in life. Nothing worth having comes to you by luck, you have to work for it. This has always been the case with Chris and his skateboarding. I’ve sat and watched him try a trick for hours, watching him go through every emotion, but never giving in. It’s actually hard for me to watch, he pushes himself in a way that I have never seen others do. On the softer side of his personality is his desire to leave something the younger generation of skaters can be proud of. One of the principles he built his shop on, was making it for every kind of skater. Chris believes that skating is one of the few things that allows a person to be completely free. It's adaptable to every kind of style or life. He wants everyone who comes to the shop to feel welcomed and to fall in love with skating as much as he has. He especially wants to do this for younger skaters. What he truly wants to leave in this world is for there to be a place that everyone feels at home. A place that you can find your Passion. (soo cheesy)


It’s the most wonderful time of the year… 


No not Christmas, eww, Halloween witches! Pumpkins, costumes, candy, spooky ghost, foggy nights, mysterious creaking noises coming from upstairs, accidentally letting a demon into your home because you were playing with a Quija Board, because what “it’s not real”, but then thinking you can get rid of the demon on your own by using salt… probably, cause you watched an episode of Supernatural and now you think you're a demon hunter or whatever, but you really should call someone who knows what they are doing before you get dragged to Hell, HALLOWEEN! As you can tell I really like Halloween. I think a lot of Halloween’s appeal comes from the freedom of it. I say this a lot but skateboarding is one of the most freeing activities. You get to be exactly who you want to be, with skateboarding and Halloween. I think that both are seen as a bit of a counter culture thing. And for some reason very polarizing subjects. Either you love Halloween or you think it’s for kids. Same thing goes for skateboarding. I simply find both of these things to be the purest forms of self expression. Happy Halloween!

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